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Why Charter Schools Offer A Better Education Than Traditional Public Schools

There is the age-old debate in society on whether charter schools offer a better education than traditional public schools. Of course, there are people on both sides of the issue, both with valid points, but there are some reasons why charter schools do in fact offer a better education than their public school counterparts. There are certain things that charter schools can offer that public schools simply can’t, so in this article we’re going to look at these aspects and present them in an unbiased manner.

What Is A Charter School?

We can’t compare public schools and charter schools if we don’t understand what they are. Essentially, a charter school is a hybrid between public and private. They’re non-religious and can’t discriminate, however, they’re still free like public schools. The biggest difference comes in the freedom charter school have to make their own decisions separate from the requirements of local and state regulations. In exchange, they get reviewed every few years and if they’re not doing well could have their charter shut down.


In general, students from charter schools typically perform better than students in public schools by about 17 percent. This number is only increasing over time.

More Instruction Time

Typically, charters have approximately 10 extra weeks of instruction time compared to public schools. This means more time learning, which is obviously better than less. For the same cost (zero), enrolling your child in a charter school certainly has the added benefit of additional teaching time.

More Math And Reading

In Charters, studies have shown that students focus more on math and reading than public school students. Of course, math and reading are not the be all and end all of education, but they set the foundation for other subjects from science to foreign language learning. Working to make sure the foundation of these two subjects will only improve the overall education of students over time.

They Successful Close Achievement Gaps For Students Of Color

The biggest thing that charters schools do is they close the gap of achievement for students of color or low-income. Because these schools can pick and choose where they can allocate their budget without guidelines for the state, it means they can put money into resources that aid the struggling students, whereas public schools’ hands would be tied.

Of course, there are many pluses to public schools as well, but charter schools do offer many benefits that public school’s can’t, and overall provide a better, well-rounded education. To find out more details about Magnolia Public Schools (Magnolia Charter Schools), please visit

Why Magnolia

Magnolia High School LAUSD has won many awards, and has been ranked in US News & World Report as a top school for several years. We offer many distinctive features over traditional public schools.

For example, research has shown that one of the keys to successful teaching and schooling is creating personal connections with students. Magnolia High School LAUSD teachers visit students at their homes to enhance student learning and involvement. Teachers can identify students' latest interests or concerns, such as a new hobby, an upcoming trip, or a change in the family. Parents and teachers are critical partners in educating the "whole child".